Carpet Cleaning in Oxford

Hem Green Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning in Oxford and the surrounding area.

We use the Host® dry extraction carpet cleaning system.

Environmentally preferred carpet cleaning system that uses 100% plant based resources.

Wool safe approved and safe for animals and children.

Carpets can be walked on immediately.

Improves air quality, by reducing dust mite allergen and mould spores.

Organic product that is Green seal approved.

Oxford Carpet Cleaning Services

How we clean your carpet

  1. We thoroughly pre-vacuum your carpets with an extremely powerful vacuum cleaner.
  2. Then we treat any spots, marks and stains, to prevent them blending into your carpet, during the cleaning process.
  3. We then sprinkle our 100% plant based formula onto the carpets, then the host machine brushes the moist cleaning sponges up, down, over and around the carpet fibres. The HOST™ sponges contact all surfaces of the soiled fibres, breaking the oil bond and dissolving the soil. As brushing continues, the sponges now wipe the dissolved soil away from the fibres. The action is similar to a moist sponge used to wipe up spills in a kitchen.
  4. HOST™ sponges are a tried and tested product that is green sealed approved, 100% plant based and USDA certified bio based product. They are non-toxic and children and pet friendly.
  5. Once the sponges have carried out their magic, we then vacuum them up, leaving your carpets clean, smelling fresh, and leaving a newly lifted carpet pile.
  6. The cleaned carpet can be used straight after cleaning, as no water has been used, there’s no chance of shrinkage, wick back or bad odours.
  7. Zero drying time.


“With HOST there is no water to heat and you don’t need blowers or air conditioning to dry the carpet. There is no smarter or “greener” way to clean”.

 “Just one HOST carpet cleaning reduces dust mites by 78% and dust mite allergen by 75%”

"Host" Carpet Cleaning System

Environmentally Preferred
Saves water
Saves energy
100% plant-based
Safer for children and pets

We cannot guarantee that all spots, marks and stains will be removed after cleaning. There are many variables that can affect the likely hood of removal, we will do our very best to ensure your carpets are cleaned to the highest possible standard.

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