Environmental Policy

Hem Green is focused on ensuring minimal impact on the environment during business operations.

Below is a set of guidelines that we’re committed to follow during all business activities:


We recycle everything we can, from plastic containers to light bulbs. If we can’t recycle a specific item then it will be disposed of with minimal impact on the environment.


The products we use are made and produced from the best possible environmentally friendly materials, whilst still maintaining the quality and strength to fulfil the commercial demands of the user.
We use a variety of products with natural ingredients, and products with minimal chemical content, matching the right product with the job it was designed for, having the least impact on the environment.

All products used are biodegradable in water or decompose at landfill.

All plastic containers are recycled or re-used.

Suppliers and Contractors - Support and encourage contractors and sub-contractors to improve their environmental awareness and performance.

Energy - Energy use will be kept to a minimum during all operations and where possible energy efficient equipment will be used.

Paper and Printing - All advertising and marketing material will be made from recycled paper. Office printing will be kept to a minimum and recycled paper used.

Travel - All driving routes will be planned with the environment in mind, and routes with the lowest environmental impact will be chosen.

Employees - All employees will be trained on our environmental policies and will be made aware of how they can minimise their impact on the environment.

We will continue to strive to improve our environmental impact in all aspects of our business.

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